About Us

About Us of Heidelberg Construction

Heidelberg Construction is a family owned and operated company. Our team is comprised of concrete specialists, designers and artists, who work with dedication and attention to detail in each project regardless of its size.


Our Mission:

We would like to say that our mission is to provide creative solutions for residential and commercial customers and exceed their expectations, but the reality is that we want to blow their minds with our customized and unique designs.


Our Vision:

To our customers:

We thank our customers for giving us the opportunity to do what we love;  to create wonderful pieces that will be the “talk of the town”. But also we strive ourselves to provide them with the best service, the best experience and the best price.

To our employees:

We feel responsible for our employees and their families. We treat them with respect and dignity.  We provide training in the use of new products and techniques, safety, and customer service. Our goal is to guarantee our employees a safe and rewarding working environment, in which they can achieve their whole potential and fulfill their family responsibilities.

To our business:

Is to be recognized as an industry leader.

To our community:

We feel blessed for being part of the community where we live and work. We are committed to protect the natural resources, encourage education, contribute to charity work and bear our fair share of taxes.  We try to be good citizens.


Our values:

About Us of Heidelberg ConstructionWhat motivate us is to create amazing things, but this won’t be made at any price. We have values and principles that guide everything what we do.


We don’t need to be supervised to do the right thing.


Starting with the time of our customers by arriving on time. Respect our customers’ investment by using only the best products. Respect our customers’ properties by protecting walls,  floors, entrance, and gardens. We take any measurement to do our job with the minimum disruption possible. We respect the environment by disposing grinding dust accordingly to State and County regulations and use green products as much as we can.


We make sure to effectively communicate and understand the needs of our customers. We are always available to provide information, answer questions, and address any concern our customers may have.